The BUILD Conversations Programme

Our flagship BUILD Conversations Programme works to inspire tangible results by helping People Leaders develop their coaching leadership style and have meaningful conversations that build the individual performers capability and performance

Lead Performance with BUILD Conversations

BUILD Conversations is a proven approach for all People Leaders to bring a coaching leadership style to have conversations that inspire results based on bringing clarity to the individual’s role and having honest developmental conversations that facilitate the performer to deliver at the highest level.

Based in Research: 

BUILD Conversations is based in organisational psychology research and self-determination theory which demonstrates the impact on e performance of creating work environments where people are engaged and motivated. 

The proven impact of the BUILD Conversations approach:

  • BUILDs Leaders’ coaching leadership style
  • BUILDs Clarity – of what is expected and what is understood by the leader and individual
  • BUILDs Engagement – Makes conversations real and 2-way, developing performance that is centred on the individual
  • BUILDs Responsibility – by empowering the individual to own their performance and development
  • BUILDs a culture of high performance and ownership throughout the organisation

Start Getting Results with BUILD Conversations with one of these options


Get the Approach & the Skills

Access the structure for great performance and development conversations.

Understand the principles and skills to make these conversations engaging and results focused.

Get the tools and tips to help individuals to own their own performance and development.


Get Coaching Support

In addition to the Approach and the Skills,

Help bring the learning into your world with a coaching session to help apply BUILD Conversations in your context.





Implement BUILD Conversations across your People Leaders

Build a culture of high performance and ownership throughout the organisation with support to implement BUILD Conversations across your organisation or division including programme management and on the job coaching with people leaders.

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Client Testimonials

“We wanted to support the leaders of our teams in changing the focus of their conversations at a one to one level. We worked with Colm to develop a personalised coaching programme for the team, that included both group coaching workshops and individual coaching. We have seen a real shift in the ownership our teams now take of their own performance. I highly recommend Performance Solutions.”

Bróna Smith, Irish Life.

“I found this coaching course one of the best that I have done in my long banking career. I found it practical relevant and challenging. I applied what I learned immediately on my return to my Local Market and I am convinced that I will see tangible results over the next few months. This is a course that I would strongly recommend to anyone who has challenges – be you a team leader, branch manager or Head of Local Market.”

Senior Manager, AIB – participant on BUILD Conversations Programme

“Our objective was to ensure that a consistent, effective and structured style of performance management and coaching was embedded across the Contact Centre The BUILD programme delivered and exceeded this aim, the feedback from participants was universally positive and the benefits of the structured approach is already clear to see in both those that participated in the course and their team members”

Manager, Bank Contact Centre

“Performance Solutions developed and delivered a tailored Development Programme for our senior leaders. The programme had a practical focus driven by our specific needs which the group really engaged and responded to. The programme has led to improved communication, leadership, engagement and efficiency in the Company which has directly impacted our results. We would highly recommend Colm for any of your in-house training needs.”

Damien McBreen, MD McBreen Environmental Services

Tailored BUILD Programme

If you are a Senior Leader or HR Leader who wants to help your people leaders to empower their team to increase performance and results through more effective engagement with their teams, then we can work with you to tailor our BUILD Conversations Programme to suit your particular people and organisation.

“One-on-ones are one of the most important productivity tools you have as a manager. They are where you can ask strategic questions such as, are we focused on the right things? And from a rapport point of view, they are how you show employees that you value them and care about them.”

Harvard Business Review August 08, 2016


Employees need and want regular feedback (daily, weekly), so a once-a-year review is not only too late but it’s often a surprise. Regular conversations and coaching is the key to alignment and performance. The most valuable part of an appraisal is the “development planning” conversation – what can one do to improve performance and engagement – and this is often left to a small box on the review form.

Forbes Magazine, May 6, 2013


Supporting Your People in Remote and Hybrid working

Now is an even more important time to have the right type of conversations with your team as they balance the challenge of working from home with personal life and you develop the skills to deliver results through remote and hybrid teams.

Read about why these conversations matter and why your should make them effective.

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