Leading Performance

Our flagship BUILD Conversations programme develops the skills of people leaders to have meaningful conversations that develop people, their performance and their results.

Build Conversations – Professional Coaching for your Business

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Client Testimonials

“We wanted to support the leaders of our teams in changing the focus of their conversations at a one to one level. We worked with Colm to develop a personalised coaching programme for the team, that included both group coaching workshops and individual coaching. We have seen a real shift in the ownership our teams now take of their own performance. I highly recommend Performance Solutions.”

Bróna Smith, Irish Life.

“I found this coaching course one of the best that I have done in my long banking career. I found it practical relevant and challenging. I applied what I learned immediately on my return to my Local Market and I am convinced that I will see tangible results over the next few months. This is a course that I would strongly recommend to anyone who has challenges – be you a team leader, branch manager or Head of Local Market.”

Senior Manager, AIB – participant on BUILD Conversations Programme

“Our objective was to ensure that a consistent, effective and structured style of performance management and coaching was embedded across the Contact Centre The BUILD programme delivered and exceeded this aim, the feedback from participants was universally positive and the benefits of the structured approach is already clear to see in both those that participated in the course and their team members”

Manager, Bank Contact Centre

“Performance Solutions developed and delivered a tailored Development Programme for our senior leaders. The programme had a practical focus driven by our specific needs which the group really engaged and responded to. The programme has led to improved communication, leadership, engagement and efficiency in the Company which has directly impacted our results. We would highly recommend Colm for any of your in-house training needs.”

Damien McBreen, MD McBreen Environmental Services

Team Development and Management Coaching

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