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We create work environments where people are highly engaged and are able to contribute their best work.

Developing Leadership Skills


At Performance Solutions, our mission is to help create work environments where people are highly engaged and contribute their best work.

We provide organisational leaders with the skills and tools they require to succeed in today’s uncertain and complex world. Through our leadership development and leadership coaching we help people leaders to lead their teams to enhanced performance, improved results and greater output.

Our leadership development programmes use a blended learning approach and group elements are now all facilitated online via virtual classroom so you can continue your leadership growth at this time

The path to developing leadership skills


Do you want to build a culture of leadership at all levels? It starts by everyone taking ownership to lead themselves. Our Stepping Up Personal Leader Programme develops core leadership skills including managing our communication and managing ourselves and our time – core skills that are recognised as the foundation of good leadership.


Learn how to create the environment and team that will deliver

Research from Stanford University shows that creating a psychologically safe environment where people feel safe to discuss new ideas and make mistakes leads to a number of benefits for the organisation and those in it including higher performance, greater staff engagement.

We will help you identify what creates great teams in the context of your environment and we use data and diagnostics to identify how to build your team to being a high performing, self-directed unit.




Our flagship BUILD Conversations Programme develops the skills of people leaders to have meaningful conversations that develop people, their performance, and their results.


More and more research is indicating that workers, particularly millennials, want their work to have meaning and purpose. The Gallup research also found that only 13% of employees strongly agreed that leadership of their organisation has a clear direction for the organisation and only 15% strongly agreed the leadership of their organisation makes them enthusiastic about the future. Many organisations need to adapt and progress how they engage their employees.  

With a team from a broad range of industries, we help you to lead change and to define your Purpose, Goals and Strategy so you engage your employees and align everyone in organisation towards delivering those goals.


Client Testimonials

“We wanted to support the leaders of our teams in changing the focus of their conversations at a one to one level. We worked with Colm to develop a personalised coaching programme for the team, that included both group coaching workshops and individual coaching. We have seen a real shift in the ownership our teams now take of their own performance. I highly recommend Performance Solutions.”

Bróna Smith, Irish Life.

“I found this coaching course one of the best that I have done in my long banking career. I found it practical relevant and challenging. I applied what I learned immediately on my return to my Local Market and I am convinced that I will see tangible results over the next few months. This is a course that I would strongly recommend to anyone who has challenges – be you a team leader, branch manager or Head of Local Market.”

Senior Manager, AIB – participant on BUILD Conversations Programme

“Our objective was to ensure that a consistent, effective and structured style of performance management and coaching was embedded across the Contact Centre The BUILD programme delivered and exceeded this aim, the feedback from participants was universally positive and the benefits of the structured approach is already clear to see in both those that participated in the course and their team members”

Manager, Bank Contact Centre

“Performance Solutions developed and delivered a tailored Development Programme for our senior leaders. The programme had a practical focus driven by our specific needs which the group really engaged and responded to. The programme has led to improved communication, leadership, engagement and efficiency in the Company which has directly impacted our results. We would highly recommend Colm for any of your in-house training needs.”

Damien McBreen, MD McBreen Environmental Services

Performance Solutions Leadership Development Programme

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All successful businesses have strong leaders who can set out a vision for their organisation and inspire their team to follow them on the journey towards achieving their goals. Whether your business is a small team or a larger company with numerous departments, you need effective leaders to ensure your hard work translates into long-term success.

A leader needs to be many things; empathetic, a good listener, brilliant communicator, standard-bearer, inspirational, engaging, problem-solver. These are only a few of the many traits and characteristics that great business leaders display. Some would argue that certain people are ‘born leaders’. But we can develop the leadership skills of your management and executive staff to become better leaders and enhance your business’ performance. As your managers and executives grow into better leaders, you will see enhanced value creation, increased efficiencies, motivated staff and a happier workplace.

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