Team Development Programme

At Performance Solutions, our mission is to help create work environments where people are highly engaged and contribute their best work.

Team Development 

For many organisations that requires teams to work effectively together.

We are all about how we use the conversations we have in the organisation in a way that is engaging employees, so they to contribute their best work. We work with your teams in 3 specific ways to help them have better team conversations –

– Build a clear Purpose, or WHY, for your team

– Build efficiency and effectiveness into your team meetings

– Build team effectiveness by identifying and building how your team operate together

The path to developing your team


Research shows that too much time is wasted on meetings that have no impact and little engagement. This can be amplified when the team is working remotely.

If you multiply out the wasted wage costs of poorly organised unproductive meetings you will see how making these important interactions more effective can not only produce greater output, more innovation, and better decisions – it will also eliminate waste of resources.

Our approach to is to gather evidence of the effectiveness of your meetings currently and apply behaviours that will make your meetings shorter, focused, and more productive so that the outputs make a real impact in your organisation.

If you want to reduce waste and increase collaboration, efficiency, and impact through meetings in your organisation – and you are open to challenge, then we can really help.

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Do you believe that your teams have the potential to achieve more?

If you do, our data-driven Building Team Effectiveness programme has proven to improve teams in areas of Goals, Role Clarity, Processes and Relationships. We can show you exactly how our proven data-based approach will help your team to build ownership and self-reliance to continuously improve how they work together towards shared goals.

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When people are aligned to a shared Team Purpose they perform better and are more engaged. Yet most Teams on not clear on their “WHY”.

A Purpose is the reason WHY something exists. For a Team or Organisation, in one statement, it captures what you do, who you do it for and why it matters – the impact you have on the world. Many leaders believe that their Purpose is obvious to their employees without actually stating it. However, research is showing that many employees are not engaged and don’t connect with their organisation.

We take you and your team through a process – a series of conversations and information gathering that will allow you Identify your organisation’s and your team’s purpose by engaging employees and leaving them with a Purpose that they believe in.

If it is time to Find Your Why

Client Testimonials

“We wanted to support the leaders of our teams in changing the focus of their conversations at a one to one level. We worked with Colm to develop a personalised coaching programme for the team, that included both group coaching workshops and individual coaching. We have seen a real shift in the ownership our teams now take of their own performance. I highly recommend Performance Solutions.”

Bróna Smith, Irish Life.

“I found this coaching course one of the best that I have done in my long banking career. I found it practical relevant and challenging. I applied what I learned immediately on my return to my Local Market and I am convinced that I will see tangible results over the next few months. This is a course that I would strongly recommend to anyone who has challenges – be you a team leader, branch manager or Head of Local Market.”

Senior Manager, AIB – participant on BUILD Conversations Programme

“Our objective was to ensure that a consistent, effective and structured style of performance management and coaching was embedded across the Contact Centre The BUILD programme delivered and exceeded this aim, the feedback from participants was universally positive and the benefits of the structured approach is already clear to see in both those that participated in the course and their team members”

Manager, Bank Contact Centre

“Performance Solutions developed and delivered a tailored Development Programme for our senior leaders. The programme had a practical focus driven by our specific needs which the group really engaged and responded to. The programme has led to improved communication, leadership, engagement and efficiency in the Company which has directly impacted our results. We would highly recommend Colm for any of your in-house training needs.”

Damien McBreen, MD McBreen Environmental Services

Performance Solutions Team Development Programme

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